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Figure 15.1:


(Left) Prosecutor Kenneth Botary’s motion of July 22, 1983, to withdraw the physical evidence in the DeLuna case from the court file, and order granting the motion. (Right) Part of the list of exhibits that Botary asked to withdraw, in which he inadvertently attributed to “Carlos Hernandez” items that relate entirely to Carlos DeLuna.


Figure 15.2:


Portrait of Carlos DeLuna, with inscription “Con Todo Respeto [With All Respect] By, Jesse S. De La Rosa, ‘85’.” Texas executed De La Rosa on May 14, 1985.


Figure 15.3:


Mid-1980s television news reports by Karen Boudrie in which she interviewed Carlos DeLuna on death row (top); Rene Rodriguez, lawyer for the Vargas family in their suit against Diamond Shamrock (bottom left); and former prosecutor Steven Schiwetz (bottom right).