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Figure 4.1:


Wanda Vargas Lopez in high school (left) and within months of her death (right).


Figure 4.2:


Police photographs of the southeast corner of the clerk’s area behind the counter of the Sigmor Shamrock store, taken around 9:00 p.m. on February 4, 1983. The knife is under the cash drawer in the bottom photograph.


Figure 4.3:

Police photographs of the northern half of the clerk’s area: (top left) the First National Bank calendar on the floor, and the passageway through the counter with one or two bloody shoe prints; (top right) the large pool of blood just outside the back room, and the blood smudge on the back room floor; (bottom) the full area detailed in the other two photographs.

Figure 4.4:


The clerk’s area portion of the police diagram of the Sigmor Shamrock store (see figure 3.1), with typewritten additions by the authors.