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Sigmor-Shamrock Station
2602 S Padre Island Dr Corpus Christi, TX 78415

Dodd & McArdle Streets
Man seen running during manhunt

South Park Middle School/Ballpark
Man seen running during manhunt

Nursing Home
3115 McArdle Man seen running during manhunt

Domino’s Pizza
Man seen running during manhunt

Circle K
Suspicious man seen prior to Sigmor-Shamrock incident

Phase III Club
Dressed up man seen jogging

Carlos DeLuna Found Under a Pickup Truck

Ice Skating Rink
3215 S Padre Island Dr

2530 S Padre Island Dr

Hernandez House
217 S. Carrizo, Corpus Christi, TX 78401

Dahlia Sauceda’s Body Found
Mexico and Mussett Streets

Corner of Staples and Mary

Carlos Hernandez arrested here on April 4, 1983

Dina YbaƱez Attacked by Carlos Hernandez
1914 7t St.

Casino Club
1001 S. Port Ave

Armada Housing Projects
Carlos DeLuna raised here

Armada Park
Carlos Hernandez confessed to Miguel Ortiz

Corpus Christi Police Dept
321 John Sartain Street

901 Leopard St

The purple, blue and red pins track the color scheme used in Figure 2.3. The blue and purple pins correspond to locations associated with Carlos Deluna on the evening of the offense. The red and purple pins correspond to locations associated with the shabbily dressed assailant whom Kevan Baker saw assaulting the victim. The green pins correspond with other points of interest in the case.
Click on each plotted point for a description of the event that occurred there. Open the Map of Corpus Christi for The Wrong Carlos in a separate window, with plots explained.