Video Tours

Crime Scene Tour

Guided Description of Events at the Shamrock Station on Feb. 4, 1983 (filmed at the same Shamrock Station on Dec. 4, 2004) [Transcript]

Author Jim Liebman walks through the attack on Wanda Lopez in the Sigmor Shamrock gas station where the murder took place. Changes made to the station between 1983 when the crime occurred and December 2004 when the video was created are noted. Also noted are the chapters and figures in the book where police photographs of the 1983 Sigmor Shamrock station can be viewed and compared to the layout visible in the video.

Carrizo Street and Hernandez Home Video Tour

Silent Footage of Carrizo Street and (towards end of tape) Hernandez Home (Filmed on Dec. 4, 2004)

This video displays the physical layout and general environment on the Carrizo Street block in Corpus Christi, Texas where Carlos Hernandez, his mother Fidela, and other participants in the story lived. It shows the locations where Carlos Hernandez was overheard admitting that he stabbed Wanda Lopez. Oral descriptions orient the viewer to their surroundings and identify key features of the neighborhood.